Sunday, June 21, 2015

Here is Regina and there she goes....

The idea of a blog was interesting and somewhat mysterious. People who blog have something that they want to share and that they are doing. Much of what I do is basic every day things. And I cannot share what I do at work because of privacy.

There are certain parts of the year where I am so involved in my work and house work that during every day events, I am often lost in thought. My husband says to me, "Where do you go when you go?" which is a quote from American Dad.  To be quite honest, I am thinking about how to maneuver two kids to bed, with or without bath time, while trying to orchestrate getting laundry down stairs to the laundry room to start washing a load. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure how to clear the table and unload the dishwasher faster. To think that I would actually have time to think about writing a blog with topics was far from my mind from February to May. Even now, I am finding it difficult to clear time and I am off for a short time. Really, I just want to vegetate. Maybe stare at a television or just sit by the pool. Either way, nothing that requires much thinking. (Reminder...use sunscreen.)

So, for anyone that was on the edge of their seat with anticipation, "What is Regina going to write about now?" Here she is... and there she goes. This blog will possibly be only updated when I need a creative outlet and can only get one here.  Once again, this was for me. And here I am, again.

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