Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sweet Siblings at the End of Summer

The Davis Family spending time together in Walton County, GA.
Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography
The opportunity to take pictures of this family arose when they evacuated from Hurricane Irma in Florida to spend time with a relative in Georgia. I had the privilege to spend an afternoon capturing the Davis children together at a stream in Walton County. The temperature had dropped as the storm was coming inland, and the water was cold. The temperature was comfortable. It didn't stop anyone from running through the water and enjoying the chance to play together. 

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017
All three together laughing while Mrs. Davis made faces and danced to make them all smile at the same time. 

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017
 This picture was absolutely lovely of the oldest Davis child. She was certainly a leader of her siblings and enjoyed spending time with her cousin, who was not pictured in this session.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017

This sweet smile was captured when A.'s mommy was making faces and encouraging him to smile. He was intensely interested in my camera and even asked if he could take a few pictures. He may have a future in photography!

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017

This smile was captured when the youngest child looked over at one of her favorite cousins, a seventh grader who was capturing her attention from across the water. Her mother remarked, "Oh, she loves him!" Her facial expression says she certainly does!

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017
 This angle allowed me to capture A. reading to her younger brother.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017
Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017

Hands are so important. They touch and they hold and over time a child's hand grows. I found it incredibly important to capture all of their hands with their mom's hand because children grow so quickly. And as a mommy myself, we have a memory of those little hands, but to see how small they once were is timeless.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017
 This photograph was special because Mrs. Davis  was able to be in a picture with one of her children. You can see how proud he is of his mommy. And you can see the pride in Mrs. Davis's smile of her son.

Senior Pictures - Musician Graduating

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography - Capturing a Senior Musician Graduating
This summer, one of my closest coworker's children graduated from high school and she wanted to capture him as a graduating senior. We set out on a Sunday evening to capture these photographs. I had never taken pictures in Downtown Conyers before, but I was extremely excited for the experience! Apparently, Downtown Conyers is a great location of many television series to film because of the unique storefronts and character that it provides to the town. There are restaurants, pawn shops, and even a voodoo shop that lies among theses stores. These provided the backdrop to capture Nicholas as he steps into his next part of his journey.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography
When I take pictures, I always know that they are not finished. I cannot describe my pleasure when I actually started cropping and editing with basic presets that I had in Lightroom to have these final products emerge. I actually started taking pictures of the screen with my cell phone and texting them to my co-worker because I was so excited. I couldn't even wait to export them before I shared them.  It's almost like an unseen surprise: Surprise! It's better than you could have ever imagined.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography - Nick with his guitar on the railroad tracks.
I think that is why I am so in love with capturing moments in time. Just the experience of capturing a moment and extending it into something more beautiful and pleasing is exciting to me. It brings me great joy to be able to provide this to others to take pride in for years to come. Even though I have so far to go, I am incredibly thankful for how far I have come.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography
I also appreciate the opportunity to work with people who are patient with me while I direct and make suggestions that they are open to doing. I am also open to their suggestions, because they know what they want. And I want to deliver that.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography
We took so many pictures in the time that I spent with Nicholas and his mom making sure that we captured him and the moment. These are only a taste of what we captured and these are my absolute favorites from the session.
Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography
Nicholas had two instruments, the guitar and the saxophone, that we were able to capture his passion for both.

Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography 2017

- Regina

Captured Mommy/Daughter Time - Thanks Map Photography

The railroad tracks curve around at the end of this opening in the trees. I captured this right before we left for lunch.

My sister came into town this week. I rarely get to spend time with my sister since we live in two different states. She and I and my daughter had the opportunity to spend Saturday together going antiquing and having lunch in a local downtown diner. Before leaving, I grabbed my camera so we could capture some of the colors of the fall leaves. The weather was about 47 degrees and we had to wear jackets. However, I knew we were going to be driving past this lovely little area where there are train tracks that lead to a curve in the trees. I wasn't able to capture pictures the last time I drove through, but today was different. After we hit up Vintage Antiques in Monroe, we stopped to capture these pics. My sister took the pictures of my daughter and me together on the train tracks and I came home and edited them. I am extremely thrilled with the outcome in Lightroom and in Photoshop. I used the Lemon and Lace Presets again.

I used Lightroom and Photoshop to edit these. Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography

I used Lightroom and Photoshop to edit these. Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography

I am so excited about how these pictures turned out. I have always wanted black and white pictures of my loved ones and myself. 

I used Lightroom and Photoshop to edit these. Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography

I used Lightroom and Photoshop to edit these. Copyright - Regina Renfro Photography

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fascination with the Beach

Every year, my husband and I travel to South Florida for vacation. We enjoy specific locations and sights. I especially enjoy the fresh seafood and tastes of the location. The following pictures were taken in Ft. Meyers Beach right before a storm. I edited them using Lightroom and Presets from Lemon and Lace Studios. I actually have some of the family, but these are specifically of the beach. I love how the clouds are defined and how some of the sand is bright.
Ft. Meyers Beach, South Florida. July 2015
Edited using Lightroom, Lemon and Lace Studios, Joy Collection - "Heart of Gold"

Ft. Meyers Beach, South Florida
Edited using Lightroom, Presets from Lemon and Lace Studios, Unbroken Collection - BW 9

Ft. Meyers Beach, South Florida in July 2015
Edited using Lightroom, Presets from Lemon and Lace Studios, Sugar and Spice Collection - Spice 3

Ft. Meyers Beach, South Florida, July 2015
Edited in Lightroom, Presets from Lemon and Lace Studios, Vintage Lace Collection - Vintage Lace 10 
Ft. Meyers Beach, South Florida, July 2015
Edited using Lightroom, Presets by Lemon and Lace Studios - Joy Collection 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fall - Photographs of a Sweet Couple

Sit close to me. 

T. looking at me with her arms wrapped around him.

Feeling fall in this scene with the water feature in the background. 

He has a serious expression for this picture. 

This was a sweet pose of the two of them together. 

Peering through the branches on the other side of the lake. 

Another one of the two of them on the bridge. 

They laughed together the entire time. 

See? They are laughing again!


I cannot count the smiles that this couple had the entire time I took pictures. They had so many inside jokes. 

He is still looking even after she has closed her eyes. 


I had the privilege of taking pictures of some beautiful horses at a shoot recently. This horse is a rescue horse in Georgia. 
This is the lovely Arabella and she belongs to a sweet couple in GA. 

This picture is extremely classic. 
Arabella up close and personal. 

This male horse is also a rescue horse in GA. He is much taller than he looks at this angle. 
These horses are magnificent in their gait.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Southern Charm and Horses

Inspired from another photographer, this teenager wanted to capture her equestrian connection. 

Manny and J. 

Mom and daughter walk horses down the lane on a easy-going Georgia Sunday evening. 

This was one of my absolute favorite shots that evening. 

Manny and J. with a great connection.

J. with a relaxed pose. 

J. posing next to the fence posts for this picture. 

J. continued to smile, even when it was about to rain. 

That fence seemed to go on forever! It looked wonderful against the changing trees. 

This oak tree is slowly rotting out from the inside. It provided the perfect back drop and leaning prop. 

I redid this picture after including it in the sneak peak post that I do for those I am working with. I am much more proud of the skin and lighting touch ups that were completed prior to this picture being published to the web. 

This picture of J. turned out and it amazed me. The lighting in the sky was cloudy and past 7 P.M. The color in this photo turned out. By accident, J's mom took a picture of her on her cell phone while I was snapping a final picture at the same time. Little did she realize that it really provided a great extra light to capture the moment.