Friday, January 2, 2015

And When Is That?

I made the effort to organize my card organizer, which sounds redundant. Once opening the box, I had forgotten that I had many types of cards purchased. One that I found was embarrassing: I found my sister's birthday card from last year. Yes. I guess I won't be winning the Best Sister of the Year Award. (She got her gift, but not the card.)

There are a variety of card organizers out there. Anyone could create their own if they wanted very easily. I purchased mine on clearance somewhere and sometime, in this lifetime. This particular one has a floral design with storage on top and a drawer in the bottom for decals and stamps. (Stamps for those people who actually purchase the cards to send.)

There are dividers/folders inside for each month. The dividers in the back are organized according to events, like Thank You and Congratulations, In Sympathy, Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays.


I made sure every card that I kept had a matching envelope and tossed (yes) the ones that didn't have a match.

In an effort to keep this Resolution - (Remember Important Dates and Events), I called a few family members to double check dates and to write them down on the folder of the month.

 I updated a few addresses since a few have relocated to new residences since I last sent a card. Or made the effort...

And that's it.

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