Saturday, January 7, 2017

Thankful Salad

Originally, I didn't have a name for this salad. I made it on the fly right before our Thanksgiving Meal this past year and it was a hit with my brother-in-law. He actually finished the rest when he and his wife came back in the evening to drop off my daughter! (That's what good food is supposed to do! Keep you coming back for more.)

Last night, my daughter specifically requested the salad by saying, "I want the salad you made for Thanksgiving."

When I thought about it, I realized that she meant that simple corn salad that was fresh and simple. It is really good for any season and good enough to have thirds.

When preparing the Thankful Salad, I selected the Vegetable Chopper because of the ease and neat little pieces that are cut and can easily be mixed in a bowl. Chopping this yourself can be time consuming, but certainly still have the same flavors.

While I did use canned super sweet yellow corn for this recipe picture, I highly recommend canned white shoe peg corn, keeping in mind that fresh corn is really the best. The challenge is that fresh corn is not always readily available in my refrigerator (or yours) and cutting it off of the cob can be more time consuming, not to mention more dangerous than you really want to take on in the 3 minutes before you have to have dinner on the table. (Those who know me know that 3 minutes is more like 10.)

Thankful Salad
Thankful Salad, mixed and ready to serve!

1 large cucumber, peeled and sliced.
1 large tomato, sliced into chunks for the Vegetable chopper
1/4 - 1/2 of an onion (depends on your like level of onion and the pungency you enjoy...), sliced into small enough chunks for the Vegetable chopper
1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar (you can back off or add more if you prefer) *
salt and pepper to taste if desired

non-reactive medium sized mixing bowl
measuring cup
cutting board
Mixing spoon
Serving Spoon
Serving dish (if you are going to be serving this for a special meal)


You may dice or use a Vegetable Chopper (similar to the Vidalia Onion Chopper) to chop the cucumber, tomatoes, and onions. If you use the vegetable Open can and drain the corn. Place all ingredients into a food safe bowl and mix. (Take care that you use a non-reactive bowl because you are working with acidic foods and they can absorb other undesirable flavors.) Pour in the apple cider vinegar. Mix. Add salt and pepper according to taste if you so desire. You can chill or serve from this.


Keeping Healthy: You could easily substitute fresh lime juice from 1 - 2 limes and mix.

Make it creamy with some extra calories: You could easily substitute 1 Tbsp. mayonaise (Duke's is my favorite), 2 Tbsp. of sour cream, and 2 Tbsp. of vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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